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Your Contacts to sign up for SuddenLink:

9/21/2018 at 10:14am

Allen Keck, Cell 903-249-3749 E-mail:

Rusty Evans, Cell 903-539-1715 E-mail:

IMPORTANT: If you experience a service outage please call technical support immediately at this number:

SuddenLink Technical Support:   888-822-5151

The more that report the problem the quicker we get priority attention!

Write the number down or put it in your phone where it is available when your internet service is down!!

Please be patient as you may have startup issues and outage issues while we get everyone hooked up and bring up service for everybody. This too shall pass as we settle into a stable system going forward.

Bob Dillon, Webmaster
East Shore Estates Property Owners Association

URGENT- Last Chance to sign up SuddenLink with bundled pricing!!!

9/20/2018 at 6:06pm

UPDATE 092118: Our Board of Directors has requested that I stop posting further updates on our website.
UPDATE 091718: Now expect a 1-2+ month delay. Well, disorganization has reared it's ugly head one more time. Unknown to me, they temporarily energized our network last Friday to test our lines and the line to the head-end in Tyler. Our lines and network look good into Chapel Hill. The lines from the head-end in Tyler to Chapel Hill look good. The problem is that those two ends in Chapel Hill are 1-1/2 miles apart with no fiber available in between to make the connection. They are blaming it on old network maps that showed fiber available. SO, they either have to find some fiber lines that they haven't found so far or they will have to construct a new fiber line to make that connection. Best case scenario is 1 month if they find some available fiber. If they have to install a new line it will be an additional month or more. They didn't tell me this until today when I notified them that I had gotten our system's power meter installed and we were ready to roll.

In the mean time, the crews will continue to install the lines to the outside of the homes that have signed up for service. That will accelerate home installations when the time comes since you will have already satisfied the 10 day waiting period following that process before you can get the in-home installation.


URGENT - Last Chance to Signup for SuddenLink with "New Build" Bundled Pricing!

Call your neighbors, call the residents that are "weekenders" that don't live here full time and any other East Shore Estates property owners that might want SuddenLink service! Spend a little time contacting everyone you can think of so they won't miss out! After this, they are on their own.....

After our "new build" system goes live and our information is added to the main SuddenLink database, when you call the 800 number or go to a SuddenLink office you will be getting "a la carte" pricing (un-bundled pricing) and will be paying much more for your service. That may possibly happen next week so time is very short to take advantage of our sales team's "new build" bundled pricing promotion!! They have made the rounds to every location in East Shore Estates and left information but have not gotten a response from about 1/3 of our residents which seem to be mostly vacant homes or weekenders.

It's now time for you to quickly contact them directly so you won't miss our great new build pricing before it is gone!!!

Our SuddenLink Sales Team:

Allen Keck, Cell 903-249-3749 E-mail:

Rusty Evans, Cell 903-539-1715 E-mail:

I had a project status review meeting today and we are hopefully getting back on track to get our system up, tested and connected to the backbone (Main Line to the outside world).

Very soon, hopefully next week, crews will be here and start running lines to the outside of the homes that have signed up for service! This will be done in preparation for the home installations which will be scheduled at another time. There is a lot of this outside work to be done and the sooner it is done the sooner we can start the installation of service to the inside of our homes.

As before, please don't bother the crews and let them keep working so we can get this phase completed as soon as possible.

We are very close now and I continue to push forward!

Bob Dillon, Webmaster
East Shore Estates Property Owners Association

Dated: 9-13-18

NOW - Advance Sign-Up for SuddenLink with our Sales Team! GO AHEAD and CALL OUR TEAM NOW !

7/30/2018 at 4:28pm

-- Attn: East Shore Estates Homeowners! --

I just signed up for SuddenLink TODAY!!!!

July 25, 2018

After a long planning meeting with our East Shore Estates SuddenLink Sales Team, I was very happy to be the first one to sign up for service in East Shore Estates today!! They will be contacting everyone, house to house, in the next 3 weeks to get everyone’s service ordered ahead of the installation roll out. This is an effort to speed up the roll out when it takes place in the next month or two.

We have obtained special pricing and special benefits that are ONLY available through our Sales Team. So you MUST work through them or you will be very sorry, and they won’t be able to help you later. NEVER call the 800 number, go on-line or go by an office or you will get much higher rates and additional charges! Even years after installation, you will be much better off calling our Sales Team since they can help you then as well. Did I say NEVER EVER call the 800 number, go on-line or go to an office? If you have any needs, call our Sales Team!

There are two team members and you can call either one as they work closely together as a team and either one can help you.

Our SuddenLink Sales Team:

Allen Keck, Cell 903-249-3749 Email:

Rusty Evans, Cell 903-539-1715 Email:

They are going to come by your house and sign you up with our special pricing. If they miss you, they will leave a packet for you to contact them. Or EVEN BETTER if you are ready, CALL Rusty or Allen NOW for an appointment or sign up over the phone. Please provide your NAME, East Shore Estates ADDRESS and a good PHONE NUMBER so they can look you up in their system and call you back. Call NOW for faster availability!

The splicers are here working now to splice our network fiber optic lines together for testing, and other crews will be coming to start installing the fiber optic lines to our houses preparing for the connection phase. Things are moving along!

As I mentioned previously, please do not bother the contractors working in our neighborhood as any time spent talking with them is time that will cumulatively delay their work and our deployment. Instead please contact me Bob Dillon at 903-780-4102 or and I will answer your questions or find the answer.

After about 15 years of working toward this goal, I am very happy that we are entering the final stages of having SuddenLink service in East Shore Estates! In my opinion this will be the best thing that has ever happened to the residents of East Shore Estates.

Bob Dillon, Webmaster
East Shore Estates Property Owners Association 

August 20, 2018

Update 9-1-2018: Well, our end of August target date to light up our network has come and gone, and my love/hate relationship with SuddenLink continues with another delay. It's an ongoing struggle trying to get them to keep their contractors out here working to complete this build, as we have all noticed. The build has mostly been completed and the splicers are 99% done and gone for now. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that we are almost finished, and the bad news is that we are almost finished! It seems SuddenLink dropped the ball in ordering the payment to Cherokee County Electric Coop Association (CCECA) for setting the electric meter to power our system so they can light it up, finish testing and connect our system to the Internet backbone. I have been chasing this "the checks in the mail" for over a week now and having Cherokee County Electric on notice and ready to come do that installation when it arrives. We were told the payment would be here the first of last week 8-27-18 and are now told that was bad information and it should be here Tuesday 9-4-18, so we will see. Whenever that payment arrives at CCECA they will come install the meter to power our system, the splicers will return to do the final after dark splices and do the final testing. We have been told this will happen in the next two weeks but don't hold your breath with SuddenLink if history is any guide. THEN hopefully the home installations will begin. Update 090518: The very frustrating SuddenLink/Altice corporate incompetence continues as we have now waited basically 3 weeks with "the checks in the mail" to pay for the electric meter/connection to power up our network so we can finish testing and release the network allowing for home installations to begin. I have no words........ Update 090718: The check FINALLY reached CCECA late this afternoon (Friday) and they will check their scheduling next week and see when they can get the meter installed. So now we are waiting on CCECA to get that done. Then we will be back to trying to get SuddenLink to finish testing and connect us to the backbone fiber so we can start trying to get them to begin installations. Update 090918: I have contacted our SuddenLink Sales Team requesting and update on our signup data, the availability of the equipment and the installation teams we will be needing to do our installations plus information on how they are going to be done and an estimate on when they should start. To date, I have had no response. Update 091118: CCECA is contacting our contractors to try to coordinate the meter installation around weather issues. I have a review meeting scheduled later this week with our Sales Team.

SuddenLink is coming to East Shore Estates!!!!

4/12/2018 at 6:03pm

Great SUDDENLINK News Indeed!!!!

I have been working toward getting SuddenLink Internet service into East Shore Estates for about 15 years and it is finally starting to happen! Contractors are here working to deploy the service as of 04-17-18. The benefit of our suffering and having to wait so long to get service is that during that time the technology has advanced into fiber optic cable to the home (FTTH). That means we will be getting the fastest residential service they currently have available!

So far the pole permits to hang the cable have been issued, the engineering has been completed and the underground boring of the backbone cable into East Shore Estates have all been done. We are now starting to string the network.

It would greatly help if you would not bother the contractors and let them work. Any time they spend talking to residents is time that will cumulatively delay our deployment. If you have questions as we progress it would be better to contact me, Bob Dillon, at mobile 903-780-4102 or with those questions. It is very early in the process and I don't have a lot of additional detailed information to give you. As I have more information to pass on, I will post it here on the website,

Please be patient since this will take several months to deploy throughout East Shore Estates. The support cable and then the fiber optic cable has to first be hung throughout East Shore Estates, spliced together and then tested before residential installations can start. The very last step is installing service to our houses and that can only be done in about 3-6 locations a day. These will also be installed and activated by zone in each of the 8 zones needed to cover all of our residents.

When we get to that point please WAIT for the on-site SuddenLink Sales Team to come to your house to sign you up. They will come to you. If you are not there they will leave information on your door about how to contact them directly. That will give them access to your account information so they can help you, plus give you a local person and number to be able to call during your setup process. Do NOT call the SuddenLink 800 number, try to order online or go by a SuddenLink office. They won't have the information to set you up out here and, if they do at some point, you will get all screwed up as the local sale team will be locked out of your information and won't be able to help you. You will be stuck trying to deal with the 1-800 folks and good luck!

To say I am ecstatic is a major understatement!

Bob Dillon, Webmaster
East Shore Estates Property Owners Association

April 23, 2018

UPDATE 060318: The project is progressing nicely so far. The support cable has been hung and attaching the fiber optic cable is almost completed. The power unit and 8 splitters will be installed next and then the splicers will begin connecting everything for testing. This may be completed in June or early July. Hopefully home installations will begin in July.
UPDATE 062518: SuddenLink disappeared for about a month so we are behind our original completion date. We are waiting on our 8 splitter units to be installed and the splicing contractors to begin work so the updated completion date is now the end of July or early August.
UPDATE 071018: Our 8 splitter boxes have been set but we are now in a holding pattern waiting on some connector materials that are on back order effecting our construction project and many others. For now, our projected completion date has been shifted to the end of August.

UPDATE 072418: YEAH! The splicers have arrived and started splicing our fiber network together. This phase should take 2-3 weeks and then hopefully home installations will begin. That phase will take a number of weeks as well.
UPDATE 072518: Our SuddenLink Sales Team will be out here going door to door for the next 3 weeks taking service orders early to speed up deployment when home installation becomes available. Wait to sign-up through them ONLY for our special pricing and deals not available otherwise. NEVER EVER, now or later, call the 800 number, go online or go to a store or you will miss the special pricing and have a big mess they can't fix. Watch your mail box for additional details!


1/25/2018 at 8:25am

We want to THANK Larry Kaufman, an East Shore Estates homeowner and his son Josh, for all their hard work, personal expense and time researching and installing the new lights on the main East Shore Estates sign. Hopefully everyone has noticed them by now.

The new lights are great!

It has been a long time coming and Larry and Josh have made it happen.

Thank You Both Very Much! 

East Shore Estates Property Owners Association