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UPDATE on recent Power Outages

10/22/2014 at 0:00am

Today, Wednesday October 22, 2014, I received a call from Greg Jones, General Manager of Cherokee County Electric Co-op, as a follow up to questions about the power outages asked by Dennis Weis at the Co-op Annual Meeting Tuesday night. Dennis had inquired about the large number of outages we had experienced recently and any reasons for that, etc. Greg did some research at the coop and said that during those outages they had found and replaced some breaker panels at the substation that were burned and felt like they had contributed to some of those outages. He said that we should expect a significant drop in the number of outages going forward while cautioning that some of them are weather related and would happen regardless. They are also building a new substation in Bullard which will reduce the load on our Troup substation and help provide for more reliable service to both areas.

In addition, he noted that our area should be coming up soon on the schedule for right-of-way clearing and maintenance. This will also help to reduce outages by clearing trees and limbs that might fall on the lines and disrupt power.

Bob Dillon, Webmaster
East Shore Estates

Please come this Monday Night 10/20/14, Pavilion at 7:00PM!!!!...VERY IMPORTANT!

10/19/2014 at 2:00pm

PLEASE Attend the East Shore Estates Board Meeting this Monday Night 10/20/14 at 7:00PM in the Pavilion at the end Lakeview Drive and bring your lawn chair!

There will be a presentation by representatives of the Arp Independent School District regarding the Arp ISD School Bond Issue on the current election ballot. They will be explaining and reviewing the current need for the bond issue to replace the Arp Junior High Facility and other items. It should be both interesting and informative plus giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the bond issue. You don't want to miss this presentation!

Early Voting runs from Monday 10/20/14 through Friday 10/31/14.

Election Day voting is on Tuesday November 4, 2014.

Below is some current information regarding the Arp ISD Bond issue:

1. ClickHEREfor a link to the Arp ISD Community News detailing the Bond Issue.

2. ClickHEREfor a link to additional pictures, etc which I have been able to gather.
On a personal note, I have been driving a school bus and substitute teaching periodically for Arp ISD and have spent a lot of time in this Junior High School facility over the past 2 years. I can certainly attest to the need for a new facility and the fact that this structure has reached the end of its useful life. The district has done an amazing job of making it last as long as it has but it now needs to be replaced. It is no longer cost effective to operate or maintain the facility plus, in today's world, there are many other reasons to replace it with a secure state-of-the-art facility. Interest rates are at historic lows so the cost of debt service on this issue will be at an historic low as well and they are taking advantage of that cost saving for the taxpayers. So personally, I think we need to try to help pass this bond issue and give them the tools they need to continue providing our area's students with an excellent education.

Just to clarify, the East Shore Estates Board of Directors has taken no action/position on this and will not. They have been, and will remain, neutral on this issue neither supporting nor opposing the proposal. I do not want my personal experience and comments to be interpreted as an endorsement by the East Shore Estates Board of Directors.

Bob Dillon
East Shore Estates

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A neighborhood crime watch might be in order!!

6/11/2014 at 0:00am

An East Shore Estates neighbor forwarded this to our homeowners association:

Yesterday 6/10/14, I was in my garage on North Lakeview with the doors open when an older burgundy Chevy pickup truck passed by going about five miles an hour.  The passenger and the driver were stopping in front of most of the properties trying to see into their garages, etc..  The passenger made the mistake of leaning out of the window on his side to try to see into my garage.  I was sitting there working on my motorcycle and took exception to his attention to my belongings.

I followed them with my truck and after about a block they pulled over and stopped.  I came up alongside of them and asked them what they were doing.  I was told by the driver that his Mother used to live out here.  When I asked him where he said Jarvis.  No house number, just Jarvis.  I informed them that there had been some theft in the area and that I hoped they understood why I was asking them questions.

I took down their license plate number and ran it this morning.  His name was XXXXXX XXXXXX.  Among other things, he was arrested for burglary in 1993, for DWI in 1995, for Assault in 2006 and another incident concerning public intoxication.

We had a friend from East Lake Woods that had his fishing boat stolen last weekend, some other friends on Lake Tyler West that had a paddle boat taken from their dock and another friend that had fuel stolen from their boats.  They told me that one day they saw someone standing on their property by the lake looking at their house.

I would like to respectfully suggest that we all start paying attention to any suspicious activity in the neighborhood, including any boats or Wave Runners that are coming too close and looking too hard at our properties.  A neighborhood crime watch might very well be in order.

Please be alert around the neighborhood and call the sheriff's department if you see any suspicious vehicles or activity.

Your neighbors thank you!

Can you send to the Lake Tyler Assoc. a notice to be on the look out for a 10' blue and orange water trampoline?  It is blue with orange writing that says oragous. It also has a yellow blow up slide attached and a red tube tied on to it. there are 3 on Hillcreek just like ours. This is the second thing stolen from our pier this month.  A "LIFE IS GOOD" sign was stolen from above our boat house door. I appreciate your help.
Linda Denson

CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY your boat...It's the LAW!

5/24/2014 at 0:45am



Zebra mussels are a small, destructive invasive species that can spread across Texas by hitching a ride on boats and trailers. They grow to only about 1 inches and develop a distinctive zebra-striped shell. One zebra mussel can produce up to one million microscopic larvae. Zebra mussels can cause tremendous environmental and economic damage " hurting aquatic life, damaging your boat, hindering water recreation and even threatening your water supply.

Zebra mussels are currently in the following lakes: Texoma, Ray Roberts, Lewisville, Bridgeport, Lavon and Belton. They have also been found on isolated occasions in Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Grapevine, Lake Fork, Lake Takwoni, the Red River below Lake Texoma, the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, and Sister Grove Creek.

Possession or transportation of zebra mussels in Texas is a Class C misdemeanor for the first offence, punishable by a fine of up to $500. Repeat offenses can be elevated to a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $2,000, jail time up to 180 days, or both. 

In addition, under this law, anglers and boaters in 47 counties are required to take all reasonable steps to drain all water from their vessel, including live wells, bilges, motors, and any other receptacles or water intake systems. This applies to all types and sizes of boats used on public waters.

Click HERE for the details and a video from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department!!

See more information and videos in the "Links of Interest" listed under "Info & Contacts" on this East Shore Estates website.

This is a very serious situation that we all need to help manage.

All of the visitors and residents of the lake thank you!

Status Report >> Lake Tyler Marina and Dam

4/19/2014 at 12:00pm

FYI.......Here is an update that was sent to members of the Mayor's Lake Tyler Roundtable giving the current status of the issues related to both the Lake Tyler marina situation and the dam repairs.

This message is from Mark McDaniel to the members of the Mayor's Lake Tyler Round Table:

Sent: Thu, Apr 17, 2014 3:16 pm
Subject: Lake Tyler Update

Good afternoon, everyone.  Because we will not meet again until mid-May, I wanted to provide an update on recent activities at Lake Tyler that will likely be of interest.

Lake Tyler Marina:

In February, the City sent a letter to the Marina operator/lessee, notifying him of the cancellation of the Lake Tyler Marina lease due to several unresolved matters.  The operator/lessee has now vacated, and the City has temporarily transferred utility accounts into the Citys name.  We have also begun providing septic hauling services for the RV rentals that do not have permanent sewer service available.

The bank that has a lien against the Marina property now holds the interest in the leasehold and the City and bank are currently negotiating a plan for a longer term plan to keep the Marina and RV park open.  Until such time that a plan is in place, the City will operate the gas pumps so that fuel will be available to boaters beginning tomorrow, and the RV park will remain open as-is for the short term.  We hope to know more by our next regular meeting after visiting again with the bank about their ideas and suggested plans going forward.

Lake Tyler Dam Repair:

The City accepted bids for the Dam Repair project on March 28, 2014. Two bids were received and the low bid was submitted by Gracon Construction in the amount of $8,284,270. The contract was awarded by City Council on April 9, 2014, with funding provided by Tyler Water Utilities cash on hand for infrastructure projects. The contractor is currently obtaining the required insurance and bonds. Once those have been obtained, the construction contracts will be returned to the City for execution and construction can begin. The current estimate to receive the contracts back from the contractor is by the end of April.

Look forward to seeing you on May 13, and wishing you a blessed weekend.  Best regards - Mark

Mark McDaniel
City Manager
City of Tyler, Texas