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Please spread the word! We need donations for:

6/9/2016 at 2:45pm

The Dam Fireworks Show on Lake Tyler

Saturday, July 2, 2016 at Lake Tyler West Dam

Funded by donations. Make checks payable to: East Texas Pyro, PO Box 108, Whitehouse, TX 75791

ALERT!! Boathouse Breakins and Thefts are occurring lately!!!

4/20/2016 at 10:45am


Everyone needs to be vigilant and be watching everything and everyone out here in our area!!!!!!

We've had a few boathouse break-ins and we all need to be aware and to keep our eyes open. If everyone is watching, someone will see what Law Enforcement needs to do their job. The thefts have been reported correctly, but law enforcement needs more help. It looks like the thieves came in from the lake. Everyone needs to lock up their boathouses, boats, cars and put a lock on their trailers and don't leave things in your boats. And a must, don't forget to lock up your homes. A lot of people go down to their boathouses and leave their homes unlocked. In times like we're in right now, we are going to see more and more break-ins and we don't need to make it easy for these people. The word will get out fast as soon as we start locking down and even better, being able to give law enforcement something to work with. Each and every one of us see things every day that we need to question. We're not saying to confront anyone, we're saying if something looks out of place, write down a plate number and make and color of the car or truck. If someone is driving slowly and you haven’t seen the car out here they may be casing out the area, write down the plate number. Do the same thing on the lake when it looks like everyone isn't fishing and might be casing the area. A resident had two guys last week that he wished he had written down their boat number because of the way they were acting. What we notice today may help to convict a bad guy tomorrow. It’s better to be safe than sorry and that break-in, in someone else’s house might be yours the next time. So we must work together to keep our neighborhood safe and theft free.

The Board and Your Neighbors Thank You!

ALERT!!! Out Going Mail being stolen from mail boxes & opened. (See Updates!)

3/22/2016 at 5:00pm

UPDATE 3-22-16:

The post box bandit has struck again using checks from the mail box to make purchases from stores in Smith county. The owner of the checks finding out after the fact and after larger amounts of money than the original checks were made out for.  The community needs to be vigilant and if someone notices something CALL 911.  The  more calls/observations the Sheriff Department has the more they can be checking, these thieves need to be caught!  If you have an incident of seeing someone in a mail box or something stolen from your mail box  you must file a complaint/report with the Sheriff department then get the report number and call the post master in Troup, he has to have the sheriff department report number before he can file a complaint with the Federal post office.  These mail box thief's are a Federal Crime.

Today 10-12-15, one of our neighbors has reported finding a pile of opened mail in the street in our neighborhood!!!

Please be alert to individuals approaching mail boxes in our area and follow up on any checks you have mailed to be sure the recipient received them or that they did not clear your bank account paid to someone else.

There may have been other instances, but for this one instance the neighbor is returning the opened mail to the houses in our neighborhood that have a local address included.

FREE "Open Carry" Information Class, by Troup Police Dept. on 3-28-16

2/29/2016 at 4:15pm

**DATE CHANGED TO Monday, 03-28-16**

Sergeant Stowers, of the Troup Police Department, is offering an informational class to the public about open carry (and concealed carry) of handguns in Texas as an outreach program of the Troup Police Department. I attended the first class and highly recommend this next class for anyone interested in any information about the new or current laws on this subject. It doesn't matter if you are a current license holder or not for you to attend this class since it is just explaining the current laws, rules and answering your questions in an open forum. He will also visit with you following the class if desired.

If you have any questions, concerns or are interested in being updated on the current law and rule changes, I would highly recommend you registering and attending this class. Class size is limited so register early to be sure you have a seat for this FREE class being held locally at the Troup Library.

Bob Dillon, Webmaster
East Shore Estates Property Owners Association

Attached file link BELOW is the Class Announcement and Registration details:

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