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HELP! -Workday Scheduled for Nov 8, 2008

10/22/2008 at 8:22pm


Volunteers Needed!

Saturday, November 8th we will meet at the Pavilion @ 8:30 a.m.

Some of the projects we need to address are as follows:

1. Cut down two pine trees damaged by “IKE”

2. Burn the debris pile.

3. Repair the water line (again)!

4. Replace the “NO TRESSPASSING” sign at boat ramp #1.

5. Finish re-staining the fishing pier.

6. Paint both helipads.

Bring your chainsaws, gloves, etc. ESEPOA will provide other supplies.

Property Owners Special Notice!

9/15/2008 at 11:43am

Dear ESE Property Owner,

Two new items you need to be aware of:

First, Hurricane Ike has once again brought to our attention the need for having your property address displayed. The Fire Department had difficulty contacting property owners who had trees down and/or damage from the storm. This not only caused a delay in getting power restored to our neighborhood, but had the potential of severe damage/fire to individual properties. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PROPERTY ADDRESS IS PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED.

Secondly, we have now assembled and posted the Deed Restrictions and By-Laws on our website. These are in a .PDF format and can be downloaded and printed. [A note of caution: These are for informational purposes only. They are not complete. Consult with your legal counsel and/or the title company for final authority.]


The Board of Directors

Happy Fourth of July!

7/7/2008 at 1:23pm

Well, it is the Monday after and all is quiet around East Shore Estates today, but boy, was it busy over the weekend!

The sounds of boat motors, fireworks, and children laughing and screaming filled the air this July 4th weekend. It seemed like everyone was celebrating the return of good water! For the past two years, we all suffered through not enough water, and then too much water, but this year the lake was perfect. The weather cooperated and brought us sunny days and cool evenings to enjoy friends, family, and great food.

Thanks to all of you around the lake who entertained us all with your beautiful fireworks displays. They were awesome! Many people had enough for Saturday and Sunday evening as well. There is nothing like the site of beautiful fireworks over the water.

There were plenty of campers, fisherman, swimmers, and boaters all enjoying our beautiful lake this weekend. We should all be truly grateful for the safety of all of them and for the fine work that our Park Rangers do to keep our lake safe and clean.

It was indeed a great weekend to enjoy our beautiful surroundings and to be grateful again for this great place where we live. Please continue to keep the brave men and women serving in our military in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless America!

Memorial Day weekend honors our veterans and signals the beginning of summer.

5/27/2008 at 8:44pm

Memorial Day weekend is always bitter sweet. It provides us a time to stop and honor our brave veterans, including those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, who have fought for our freedom so we are able to enjoy ALL of our holidays. To those brave men and women, past and present, we say a heart felt thank you for all you have done.

In addition, the Memorial Day weekend always signals the official beginning of the summer season along with the rapidly approaching end of the school year. It's time for some family summer fun!

SO, break out the boats, jet skis, and all of your water toys for a great summer of recreation on Lake Tyler East!

2nd Annual East Shore Estates Garage Sale Extravaganza a Great Success!

5/21/2008 at 6:27am

The Second Annual East Shore Estates Garage Sale on May 17th was a great success! The weather was perfect and the crowds were outstanding. It appeared that money was made all around and, as a bonus, we met many nice people in our area and in our neighborhood.

Every year more and more homeowners are participating and if anyone got an approximate count please let us know so we can edit it into this article! Thanks to each one of you who helped out by participating in this event. We hope that in years to come, it will be bigger and better and be an event that all of our area can look forward to.

Many, many thanks to the volunteers at Omen Baptist Church who came by at the end of a tiring day and loaded up all of our sale “leftovers” and took them to their church for a sale this next weekend. Hopefully, in the future, we can coordinate with them on our dates. This worked so well for both of us….we got rid of our things easily, and they got a lot more donations to help their church.

Thanks to the ESE Property Owners Association for supporting this project and for your help in making it successful.

Beverly Dillon

May 17th is the 2nd Annual East Shore Estates Garage Sale Extravaganza!

4/28/2008 at 9:49pm

All East Shore Estates residents are encouraged to participate in the Second Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale to be held on Saturday, May 17. The time for the sale will be from 8:00- 5:00.

You may set up in your garage, your driveway, or at the pavilion. The property owners association will be providing signs throughout the neighborhood and will be advertising in the Tri County paper, the Tyler Paper, and the Thrifty Nickel. You are encouraged to put out your own signs as well with your address and arrows on them.

It is good to use visible price tags and price your items fairly and reasonably. Be sure to have your sale items priced and ready to go the morning of the sale. Customers will come early!

Encourage your neighbors to participate! Last year it was great to visit with each other and to meet the people who came to our neighborhood from Arp, Troup, Overton, and Whitehouse. Let’s make this a “big deal” that people in our area will look forward to each year.


4/18/2008 at 1:01pm

The Annual Meeting is coming soon! Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 27th, 2:00 o'clock @ the pavilion. Meet your neighbors, find out what has been happening in East Shore Estates, and elect four new board of director members.

Don't Forget to bring your lawn chairs! Refreshments will be provided! Note: You may pay your dues and purchase keys before the meeting (come early and avoid the rush).

Workday A Success!

4/2/2008 at 11:33am

The March 29th workday was a great success. We repaired the broken water line, installed two new windsocks and raised the windsock poles at both the pavilion and Bluebird Circle. Additionally, we picked up trash along CR 2143 and got a good start on replacing the roof on the playset. Unfortunately, the weather did not fully cooperate, so we will reschedule the staining of the fishing pier.

Thanks to ALL who helped; Jim Heath, Jud DeMott, Scott McCuan, Alan Goss, Ken Sigman, Mark Shaw, Rob VanHoy, Brad Roberts, Joe Jeter, and Ron Keeley

Workday Volunteers Needed

3/12/2008 at 8:44am

We are having a Workday on Saturday, March 29th. We need volunteers to help! The projects include picking up trash along Old Whitehouse Road, replacing the roof on the playset, and staining the fishing pier. Meet at the Pavilion at 8:30 a.m. Bring gloves. Other supplies will be provided. SEE YOU THERE!


3/11/2008 at 3:56pm

Your Board of Directors is soliciting nominations for the upcoming election. We have four board members who will be elected at the Annual Meeting, April 27th. Current board members with terms expiring are: Joe Jeter, Mark Shaw, Ken Sigman and Ron Keeley. Ken and Ron have said they will run again, Mark and Joe will not run for re-election. Please contact any current board member with your nominations (you can even nominate yourself).


3/11/2008 at 2:38pm

Many of you may have seen the recent reports on KLTV and in the Tyler Morning Telegraph about SALVINIA. This is a very fast growing weed that can literally choke a lake in a matter of days. If you thought Hydrilla was bad, this weed is a 1000 times worse! Salvinia has recently been found in Lake Palestine and in Brady Branch Reservoir. PLEASE BE VIGILANT when launching your boat. The first place it is most likely to show up is around the launch ramps. Should you see this contact the following authorities immediately: Texas Parks & Wildlife @ 903-881-8233, the City of Tyler @ 903-531-1234 and the Lake Tyler Patrol @ 903-566-2327.

For pictures of the three most common types, please click on the attached link. Also please see the Texas A&M site on the Giant Salvinia.

Attached file: open in a new window

Mark Your Calendars!!!

2/12/2008 at 11:30pm

Our Annual Membership Meeting will be held at the pavilion on Sunday April 27th. The meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m. We will have four board of director positions up for election. If you have interest in running for this HIGHLY PAID position, please let any current board member know so we can put your name on the ballot! Don't forget you can nominate your friends and neighbors too! (Of course they may not be your friends and neighbors if you don't ask them first! HA!)

New Board Member

2/12/2008 at 11:27pm

Welcome to Rob VanHoy! Rob has volunteered to fill the vacant board position expiring in April 2009. We are excited to have Rob join our board of directors and look forward to his insight and contributions! Thanks Rob!