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Cherokee County Electric Co-op Internet Service

091522 UPDATE: With the extreme heat and weather there have been a few delays but we are now getting close to having the new CCECA Fiber Internet installed in East Shore Estates. The current estimate for our area to go live is approx Oct 17-30, 2022, and then starting home installations. Everyone hang in there as we are getting very close now.

CCECA Internet Service in East Shore Estates
Presentation for ESEPOA Annual Meeting, April 24, 2022

Bob Dillon, Webmaster (903) 780-4102

This is a summary of the Cherokee County Electric Co-op Association (CCECA) responses to my questions regarding their new Internet Service which is coming to East Shore Estates:

We have already started construction in areas around East Shore Estates but you will start to see more activities over the course of the next couple months. We have crews working along the North East side of the lake at this time (East Lake Woods) and will be starting to move down the East side of the lake. We anticipate that we will complete construction and have service available for your area around July of this year.  We will be building out the infrastructure to connect and support all homes in our service area along with capacity for future growth, so as your community continues to grow, we will be able to support full internet services to all members who desire service. 

We will have three separate plans for our members to choose from.  All packages are free installation and includes your ONT (Modem) and WIFI Router at no charge.

  • Essential 200 MB -   $59.99
    • 200 MB Upload Speeds
    • 200 MB Download Speeds
    • Unlimited Data usage
  • Advanced 1 GB - $79.99
    • 1 GB Upload Speeds
    • 1 GB Download Seeds
    • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Premium 2 GB - $149.99
    • 2 GB Upload Speeds
    • 2 GB Download Seeds
    • Unlimited Data Usage

Once people sign up for services and schedule their appointment, we will come install the service drop to their home.  This “drop” will be a fiber line that will follow the same path as their existing power line.  So if your power line is run overhead, your fiber line will come in overhead to the house.  If your power line is underground, your fiber line will also come in underground.  We will mount a small utility box near your existing electric meter where the fiber line will terminate.  Then we will run a fiber line from that box to the centralized location inside your home where you want your WIFI router to be placed. 

We are currently accepting Pre-Registrations for services.
To Pre-Register for services, people can go to: 
This will ensure that once services are available for your area, you will be the first to be contacted to schedule your install appointment. 

CCECA is currently providing Internet only.  There have been some discussions about offering phone but that is not ready for launch yet.  As far as TV services, there are countless options for TV streaming services but we currently do not have any partnership with those services and are leaving it up to the member to choose which service best meets their needs. 
(ie, all device connections will be wireless from the Wi-Fi Router and 4 could be cabled from the router using Ethernet cables).
(If you don’t have Smart TV but it has an open HDMI Port, Bob recommends a ROKI-Express 4K (2021) streaming device for its ease of use and robust content options) (OR buy a new TCL 4K TV which is a ROKU TV and has it all built into the TV. You can research your options and decide what you prefer.)

We will be installing an Adtran 621 ONT (Modem) (ONT= Optical Network Terminal) (6.4x9.7x1.5) which will have one Ethernet port that will connect to the Zyxel 5510 Gateway (WIFI Router) 4.6x4.7x8.8. The Zyxel gateway is equipment with one 2.5 GB WAN port and four 1 GB RJ-45 ports.  It has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless antennas.  I went ahead and included the datasheet for the Zyxel product in case you were interested.

CCECA is installing our own fiber throughout our footprint, we will not be utilizing any of the existing infrastructure from other providers that are currently on poles, drops, or home wiring.

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