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Gentle Reminder to our Home Owners:

10/30/2017 at 7:00pm

The Board welcomes comments or concerns for the betterment of our community, please remember the board does not have the power to enforce, negotiate or intervene in a dispute.  Please see the formal Community Concern Form on our website under Documents & Resources, Building Permit Information, Community Concern Form. Print the form and fill-in your information.

If you have an issue with animal control; call Smith County emergency phone number, 903-566-6600.    

If you have an issue with sewage; call 903-592-3636

If there is a road issue; call Road and Bridge 903-590-4801 or our county commissioner Cary Nix 903-531-9400.

Smith County Constable Pct 3, Troup 903-590-4745

Smith County Fire Marshall, Non-emergency 903-526-2700.

GREAT NEWS! You might qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s policy.

6/3/2017 at 8:10am

A BIG THANK YOU! to the Arp Volunteer Fire Department for building Station #3 in Omen!!

You might qualify for a discount on your homeowners policy if your insurance company gives a discount for having a closer fire station near you.

Below is a link to a letter from the Arp Volunteer Fire Department explaining the information and details for the new Fire Station # 3, which has just been completed in Omen.  You can send this letter to your insurance company to find out if you will get a discount on your home owner’s policy or not. Please let us know what your results are by your company. Our homeowners association gets these types of questions all the time and would like your feedback on what you find out from your insurance company. The Arp Fire Department also wants to know, by insurance company, what you find out and if the company helps you or not. This information will help the ESEPOA Board to advise our members which insurance companies are favorable for our members and will help the Arp Fire Department know which companies they need to contact to try to get them on-board.

Please email your results and the insurance company involved to our ESEPOA email address. We will record and pass that information on to the Arp Fire Department. Personal information in all replies will be kept completely confidential.

Thank You in advance for your feedback which will greatly help us all.

East Shore Estates Property Owners Association (ESEPOA)

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Trailer Stolen on North Lakeview

5/1/2017 at 7:39pm

Around May 1st a heavy duty flatbed trailer was stolen from a lot on North Lakeview. Jack Gowen had his trailer parked across the street off the road on a wooded lot where he keeps it and someone has stolen it. Watch your property, keep your trailers heavily locked and call the Sheriff if you see any suspicious activity in the neighborhood!!!

UPDATE 06-05-17 -- Jack Thompson just had his barge trailer stolen from the same location the night of 06-05-17!!

ESEPOA 2017 Annual Membership Meeting, Sunday April 23rd at 2PM in the Pavilion

4/7/2017 at 8:57pm

East Shore Estates Property Owners Association Annual Membership Meeting will be held Sunday, April 23rd at 2:00PM

Come on out at 12:30 before the annual meeting and have some Hot Dogs & Fixin's, Drinks and Cookies!!

The ESEPOA Pavilion at the end of Lakeview Circle off of South Lakeview Dr.

1. Submit any requested items of business to the Board for review by the Board prior to the next regular board meeting to be held on April 17th, 2017.
2. Remember to bring your lawn chairs!
3. Dues are still $75/yr and keys are $4/ea. Remember only paid up members are allowed to vote, hold office and get keys.
4. If you don't make the meeting mail your dues and key order to ESEPOA PO Box 462, Troup, TX 75789 along with your check. Your key order will be mailed back to you. Be sure to include your correct mailing address, Phone #, Lot #, and E-Mail address!