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Smith County Animal Control and Leash Law

8/25/2023 at 9:15pm





Click HERE for the complete ordinance details.

HEADS UP > Temporarily CLOSING the Pavilion and Boat Ramp #2 !!

7/23/2023 at 1:02pm

Welders will be replacing the fence on both sides of the gate at the Pavilion and placing safety pipe around the helipad lights along with totally removing the Boat Ramp #2 Gate and Fence and replacing it with all new materials. They will be starting this coming week 7-24-23 on Monday or Tuesday hopefully. Some of the welding will be done at their welding shop and brought out to be put in place. So we may not see them till Wednesday or Thursday.

Both areas will be under construction and shut down starting this Monday the 24th until the work is completed. Everyone will need to NOT USE the Pavilion or Boat Ramp #2 at all and to ONLY use Boat Ramp #1 until everything is finished.

08-24-23......Ramp #2 and Pavilion have been re-opened!!

Donations Needed - PLEASE HELP

6/14/2023 at 4:58pm

The Dam Fireworks show at the Lake Tyler Dam on July 1st, 2023

PLEASE make donations to support the show since it is privately funded by YOU!

This may be the last year for the Fireworks show at Lake Tyler. The fireworks show is held at the Dam near the marina. There is a park next to the dam that makes a great spot to watch. There are lots of boats that have front row seats. The Lake Tyler Association (LTA) has been trying to raise funds to pay for this event but it costs approximately $1,000 dollars per minute. So far LTA has raised enough money for a 10 minute show. Not really enough to make it practical for the Pyrotechnic company that is hired. Every year the park and lake are packed. Yet so few are willing to step up and donate. I know not everyone can donate, but if you can, please do. A 20 minute show has 1,200 seconds of spectacular fireworks. If you can buy a second of wonder and awe for $100.00 that would be great. To all those who have already donated, a very special thanks! The Lake Tyler "Dam Fireworks Show" is a tradition I hope can be continued!

There are posters with the Venmo QR code at Quality Lumber, Roquemore Hardware, Rib Masters, ABC auto, Mercado's, and the Marina. You can click this link (or copy and paste it into your browser address line) to get to the Venmo payment screen.

There are signs up at the marina and jars for drop off donations. You can mail a donation to the Lake Tyler Association (LTA) Treasurer Brenda Claire, 15954 McElroy, Whitehouse TX, 75791 or the President, Dennis Brown 17397 Slack Rd, Whitehouse TX, 75791